11 December, 2009

My Letter to Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Santa's Workshop
North Pole

Dear Santa:

Hi it's me Mikalis, you know from that island sim. Yeah I can't write where because I have a psycho ex but you know how to get there. I should be at the very top of your good list. Yes, I know I've muted about a hundred hootards, spamtards and assorted fools this year, does that make me bad? Sure, I've asked a prim baby mother the city knows she stole those two trolls she calls her children from the bridge. She was the person that thought I was going to ruin her wedding because I was obsessed with her. Yeah the transcripts showed the opposite. Okay, I admit, when her two adopted children (probably 53 year old men who live in their mother's basement) left, I threatened to call Child Protective Services. Do I deserve a lump of coal in my stocking for these actions? I don't think so. Anyway Santa, all I want for Christmas is Grid Peace and No Drama for all. Please deliver promptly on December 25. Mik out.


Mikalis Karas

1 comment:

Mari said...

Loving this Santa letter Mik...Peace in SL and Goodwill to all men AND women... I'm certain with wishes such as this the jolly old man can't deny you - because I KNOW you mean it and aren't just being a smart ass... LMAO (and yes there was a typo in the first post so I had to delete it).