28 November, 2011

Guy Down on His Luck, Needs Your Advice.

You all know him: he's the nice guy with a heart of gold, or so it appears. He started off as the friendly dude who seemed somewhat inarticulate but was "nice enough." He might have even had a girlfriend or a partner and that was a relief because he certainly would not be "interested" in you. If he was single, maybe after a feeble attempt at somehow "dating" or otherwise being a couple you have settled into being this guy's confidant. He would die for that girlfriend or partner but they never seem to get along and "you understand him so much better." The homage of you in his picks is even more detailed than the one he has for the love of his grid life. What began as a few problems with the girlfriend or other aspects of grid life have seemingly mushroomed and you feel so sorry for him because you are the one with the good heart who will always help a friend when he's down.

He's been there for you after all, he's the one that told you about that sweet deal for the land near his and showered you with gifts when the other guy(s) in your life kind of felt short. He always wants to see you in pixel person when you guys discuss his problems and that just strikes you as so sweet. The only thing is that these requests have become more frequent and the advice sessions more lengthy cutting into the limted grid time you have to see others and to enjoy things like live music. Would it ever occur to you that your sweet, down on his luck friend, is more than just a sad sack? Well it should, because he's probably your stalker.

The New Oxford American Dictionary (standard on most new Macs) defines a stalker as "a person who stealthily huts or pursues an animal or another person" or "a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention."  Unless you are engaged in a predator/prey role play I suspect your sad sack is the latter.    This guy will always have some sort of problem that he needs to pull you away for because your insight is so valuable.  It may be valuable but usually what the stalker is after is monopolizing your time and making you feel an emotional attachment  with him out of sympathy: "Poor Roderixus always has all the bad luck with women!"  He will go to all lengths to pull you away from others that he may perceive as a threat to your "special relationship," he'll be quick to find fault in that other person and oftentimes will create drama where none actually existed and become a very destructive force in your SL.  Beware the sad sack stalker, he may be on a friends list near you!

Get Ready for the Ho Ho Hoes!

Get ready for the Ho Ho Hoes, ladies and gentlemen, or join them!  Christmas (that's right I said Christmas and not "Holiday") season is upon us and a quick search of SL Marketplace yields all types of results for "Sexy Santa" outfits.  It used to be that "Sexy Santa" outfits were mostly relegated to the female avis but now there are many choices for the fellows to have sexy fun and become a Ho, Ho, Hoe!  See for yourself and enjoy the season!

09 May, 2010

Spotlight on Music: Edward Kyomoon

Rocking with Edward Kyomoon!

This spotlight is on Edward Kyomoon, the Seattle-based singer songwriter. Hailing from Texas, Ed is known for blending melodies and hard rock in fun show that appeals to many.

Mikalis Karas: Who have been your main influences in your musical life and how long have you been creating music?

Edward Kyomoon: I've been playing music since i was a kid, picked up the guitar at age 9, had always played around with keyboards, drum machines and tape recorders so recording technology was an integeral part of my music background. I was influence by rock and metal bands of the 80's at first to play the guitar, in college i discovered music of the 60's and 70's like the Beatles, the Doors and Pink Floyd, but i still like listening to Slayer or ambient music like The Orb. I learned about jazz and improvising from recording hundreds of jazz musicians in studios as an audio engineer. I dont have a favorite guitarist or bands, it's always evolving. But having said that, I think Pink Floyd has has the biggest influence.

Mikalis Karas: Is there any type of music that you'd consider your specialty and which instruments do you play?

Edward Kyomoon: I play mostly rock and pop music, hit songs that people remember. my main instrument is guitar but can also play bass keyboards and drums if i practice at them. I have created many of my backing tracks with Logic Pro 8 and a Roland keyboard/synth.

Mikalis Karas: What brought you to perform music in Second Life and why do you keep performing there.

Edward Kyomoon: I found music early on, a friend took me to a concert by Kori Travanti with in a few days of being in SL. I was fascinated by the idea of performing live for audiences in a virtual space, seemed like a brilliant concept as a working musician and for music fans to find live music inworld. I started playing for friends on my land, then at open mics, got a few paying gigs and found some people who liked the way I sounded and it has grown from there. 2 years and hundreds if not over a thousand of shows later it has kept me fed and a roof over my head. I'm constantly inspired to learn more songs, write more songs, and play better, sound better everytime for the fans and for the newbies that are hearing me for the first time. It's the perfect combination of live music, recording(which is a science and art in itself) and virtual reality. I could do this in RL but this is much safer and more fun in SL. Teleporting is much easier than loading gear in and out of my car, the club and my house (in the rain/snow). It's very addictive.

Mikalis Karas: Who are some of the other musical artists you enjoy in Second Life?

Edward Kyomoon: I like The Follow, Allister Westland, Onehempcat Oldrich, Anj Gufstefson, srv4u Conacher, Komuso Tokugawa, Noma Falta, Max Kleene, Ohmy Kidd, Mankind Tracer, Quinton Dialovo, Fierce Tibetan Gods, the list is pretty long, lots of great music going on in SL.

Mikalis Karas: If there was something you could do to better promote artists and venues in Second Life what would that be?

Edward Kyomoon: This is something I find myself doing all the time with people in RL - I talk about SL and music. By introducing it to more people in RL, it brings in new fans and SL consumers as well as other musicians who might be interested in performing in SL. Planting seeds and growing the community. I try to let people know about this amazing form of live entertainment you can enjoy online. This hopefully brings in more people to listen to those artists and tip those venues, buy stuff from those malls and so on. Music is the killer app for SL, music is the universal language, something that nearly everyone can enjoy and that has great potential and value for musicians, fans and venues that host live events. Also, I think we need to advertise live music to more areas within SL and the websites associated with SL, working with venders and advertising sponsors to spread the word about live music and helping peopling find the music and entertainment they want to see or hear.

Mikalis Karas: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me. One final question, you play a fair bit of Pink Floyd and some Led Zeppelin. If there was a steel cage death match by guitar between David Gilmour and Jimmy Page, who would win and why?

Edward Kyomoon: Although i fear the thought of this idea outside of claymation, but i'd say Gilmour. he doesnt play as many notes at Page... but i think the ones he does play mean so much more... you can 'sing' David's solo's. Then again Page would probably kick him in the face during a solo and maybe set something on fire

20 January, 2010

Spotlight on Music: Dale Katscher

Dale Katscher

Our second spotlight in this series focuses, like the first, on an artist from Eastern Canada. Dale Katscher is a guitarist/singer/songwriter from Nova Scotia who has toured throughout Canada and on the eastern seaboard of the United States. He plays acoustic guitar on the Grid and doesn't use backing tracks at all, preferring the "pure approach of just a guitar and nothing else," finding that approach exhilarating. Dale took some time to discuss his background and experience of playing on the Grid.

Mikalis Karas: Who have been your main influences in your musical life and how long have you been creating music?

Dale Katscher: My first and biggest influence was definitely my Dad, as I grew up in a very musical family. As for first artists I heard, my parents listened to Elvis, Charlie Pride and Johnny Cash. I always drifted toward blues-infused pop such as Clapton and Hendrix. Now i listen to pretty much everything I can get my ears on. Right now, I'm huge into Ray Lamontagne, Greg Laswell and Meiko. My music is like a car crash of everything I listen to and love.

Mikalis Karas: Is there any type of music that you'd consider your specialty and which instruments do you play?

Dale Katscher: Specialty..hmmm...Maybe folk-acoustic-pop...whatever that is? My main instrument is guitar but I also play bass, drums and a bit of piano...only guitar in SL though.

Mikalis Karas: What brought you to perform music in Second Life and why do you keep performing there.

Dale Katscher: My friends made me try it at first...then I got hooked. It's a great space to create and share art in.

Mikalis Karas: Who are some of the other musical artists you enjoy in Second Life?

Dale Katscher: Harper Messmer, Damian Carbenell, Phemie Alcott.

Mikalis Karas: If there was something you could do to better promote artists and venues in Second Life what would that be?

Dale Katscher: I think it would be to have a website that is just for SL music promotion...instead of searching through live events. Then, each performance could link to artist websites, etc.

Dale Katscher on the Web: MySpace | Twitter | Plurk

27 December, 2009

Your Three Step Plan for Lessening and Eliminating Drama From Your Grid Experience

Drama got you down? Is who's zooming who now consuming you? Got a "friend" who has become less of a friend and more of a soul sucking parasite whose name makes you cringe when you see that they are online? Are you at the bottom of a multilayered "dramalanche" that has pinned you avi down worse than a club full particles and Prim Whores and made your Grid Life a living nightmare? Now still in time for the holidays and at the cost of zero currency comes your solution and it's much more efficient than other methods.

Being wrapped up in drama is an addiction, and, despite what you may believe, drama and being entrapped it is an addiction as much as drugs such as nicotine or caffeine. It's an insidious addiction that keeps sapping at the addict and doesn't come in menthol or pumpkin spice flavors. In the recent past and present, those wanting to help others or themselves cure addiction have undertaken the 12 step approach. In "these economic times" (the most overused phrase in the last year and a half), I am offering a reduction of 75% off in steps: three easy steps and four words on your way to a drama free existence!

Step number one is Mute. A longtime proponent of muting, I just barely touched on the effectiveness of muting in February of this year. When you utilize mute, the offensive party will not be able to contact you and will be rendered as gray and motionless. Mute also works remarkably well for spamtards, gesturebators and those suffering from mental hootardation. There is nothing that tickles me more than teleporting into a live music venue and seeing the gray withered husks of my "mutees," knowing that I will not be subjected to their foolishness during the show. I have heard some say "Well Mik, that is sooo closed minded and you'll be shut off from something that they might say that is valuable." Let me make this perfectly clear to you all, those that you mute will never say anything of value that will enhance your Grid experience. You can mute using the profile of the prospective mutee, your mute list under the "View" menu or the pie menu that you get from right clicking on the avatar. Once you no longer have to hear their drama you should take the next step.

Step number two is Delete. If the offending person is on your contact list, delete them as a contact. This is quickly and easily done from the contact list. If you don't want to hear from the person causing the drama, you certainly don't want to see their name popping up on your screen and continue to be informed when they login and logoff of the Grid. Delete them. Erase any evidence of their existence and purge yourself of the psyche sucking parasite that has sullied your Grid experience. You will be better off by doing so and be ready for your next step in emancipating you from the affliction of drama.

Step number three is Move On. This in itself can be the most difficult step of the three pronged approach to lessening and eliminating drama. You will feel compelled to look at the offender's profile especially if they were someone that was a Grid-love interest. Do not dwell on the mutee/deletee. You may find out that you've been replaced in his picks by six women you never heard of before or that s/he is now partnered with the person that was "just a friend." Don't look, not even a peek, move on and live your Grid existence without this person. If you know that looking won't cause you any grief but will make you laugh instead, do go ahead and look down at that stinking big cauldron of drama in which the offender now finds their self. Sit back, laugh, and be content that you have completed the three step plan for lessening and eliminating drama in your Grid experience. What happens if you still find yourself subjected to drama after taking these steps?

If you find yourself immersed in drama after taking these steps, then do them again, this time choosing others who are bringing the drama to your prim doorstep. Mute, Delete and Move On. If you soon discover that you have few or no contacts left, then it may be time to re-examine the type of people you are allowing into your contact list and experience. It may also be time for the self-realization that maybe just maybe it is you that is causing all the drama and you belong on the other end of this three step plan.

25 December, 2009

Christmas Message 2009: Jesus was Not a Prim Baby

As we celebrate this most joyous holiday for Christians, I have message for you all that will dispel the rumors of conspiracy theorists. I have indisputable evidence that Jesus was not a prim baby. How do we know that our lord and saviour was not just a pixellated flesh nugget? Firstly, Mary did not annoy the living crap out of everyone from Egypt to Bethlehem with a tummy talker. She may not have made it to the manger that night had she. Being born in a manger was also proof positive that Jesus was not a prim baby. Had he been a prim baby he would have been born in a vampire castle, next to a blood cask or an over-priced badly designed house suffering from prim drift, an affliction that doesn't affect the babies which we'd love to have drift away. Let's look at paternity. God did not have bad hair, appear in the same clothes daily and necessitate a "Dress Him Up" Hunt to shape up his look. God was also not some dude with 234 alts who wanted Mary to commit to him by having his prim baby. Regarding gifts, the three wise men gave Mary gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. If Jesus were a prim baby, one would expect that Mary would have gotten a pair of Moody Stiletto thigh highs, a new outfit from League or hair from lamb. from each of the wise men (a furry, a she-male and a cyborg, if they were on the Grid). Finally, Jesus lived a short but eventful life as our saviour, performing miracles and being a teacher of his disciples and representative of his father on Earth. Were Jesus a prim baby. Mary would have put him back in inventory, before she and Joseph ever had to flee for Egypt, and resumed her career as a stripper and escort. Glad I could be of service to dispel the myths. Merry Christmas to one and all.

20 December, 2009

Spotlight on Music: AMFORTE Clarity

Living in and broadcasting from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada is AMFORTE Clarity. This Canadian (and fiercely proud of it) singer/songwriter combines pleasing vocals and a strong guitar with a sweet humility that endears all who listen to her play. I recently got to ask AM some questions that have become the first Spotlight on Music for this blog. Enjoy this new feature and AMFORTE's music in and out of world!

Mikalis Karas: Who have been your main influences in your musical life and how long have you been creating music?

AMFORTE: It's hard to say who has been the main influence because i listen to different types of music. I'd have to say in the beginning, my major influence was Alanis Morrisette and Jennifer Knapp, but since then they've changed throughout the years to Radiohead, U2, My Chemical Romance, All American Rejects, Elliott Smith, etc., and I enjoy writing different styles of music, like Rock, Pop, Punk, I don't just want to be one style, I think it's ridiculous to stay with a specific genre. I write what i feel, and if I feel like writing an angry punk song, I'll do it, if I feel like writing a cheesy melodic song, I'll do it, if I feel like writing a rap song, hell, i'll do it. }: ) <-----unibrow smile (and in no way shape or form do I, in RL or in SL have a unibrow....just to make things clear) hehe

Mikalis Karas: Is there any type of music that you'd consider your specialty and which instruments do you play?

AMFORTE: No, there is no specific type, i write all genres and it feels good to be free to do so, i love it. I mainly play the guitar but would like to start playing the piano again soon.

Mikalis Karas: What brought you to perform music in Second Life and why do you keep performing here.?

AMFORTE: A friend of mine told me about it one day how musicians can play shows and get out there so I decided to try it and so far it's been great. I think I've made a mark so far and my group continues to grow. I just think of sl as another way to get my original material out there. I'll be hopefully touring in RL next year, hopeing I get enough sponsors...even maybe one?...umm, any takers? Let me know:) muahahamauahahaha(evil british laugh) I try to be amusing but not sure it's working.....umm, let me know....hehe

MIkalis Karas: Those of us who have had the pleasure of hearing you perform have heard you putting Eminem on notice that there is a new MC in town. You usually joke so right before singing your rendition of TLC's "Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls." Have you always liked this song and what led you to take on the challenge of Chilli's rap (which I think you pull off quite well)?

AMFORTE: When I was younger, I use to listen to T.L.C so when I came across it a few weeks ago, I decided to add it to my playlist. I decided that as a musician, I didn't want to stay in one genre and that singing different styles will only open myself up to write different styles of music.



Mikalis Karas: Who are some of the other musical artists you enjoy in Second Life?

AMFORTE: OMG, there are so many...not in any particular order, but I when I do have time to check out some shows, i enjoy Raspbury Rearwin, Mimi Carpenter, Maximillion Kleen, Taunter Goodnight, Amereth Popstar(<---where are you buddy, haven't seen you around, i hope you're not laying on the side of the road dead somewhere...if you are, let me know!), IggyKings Solo (<---still waiting for the bloody songs Iggy! Stop blaming your dog for eating them! Get with the program, damn you! ) <---i definately say it with love iggy. hehe.....Harper Messmer and those are only a few that are in my head at the moment. Sorry, I know I'm totally rambling!

Mikalis Karas: If there was something you could do to better promote artists and venues in Second Life what would that be?

AMFORTE: Hmmm, that's a very good question....if you have ideas, let me know, I'm all out of answers on this one:)

Mikalis Karas: Thank you for being our first Spotlight on Music! Check out AMFORTE's music by going to her website at AMFORTE.com.

11 December, 2009

My Letter to Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Santa's Workshop
North Pole

Dear Santa:

Hi it's me Mikalis, you know from that island sim. Yeah I can't write where because I have a psycho ex but you know how to get there. I should be at the very top of your good list. Yes, I know I've muted about a hundred hootards, spamtards and assorted fools this year, does that make me bad? Sure, I've asked a prim baby mother the city knows she stole those two trolls she calls her children from the bridge. She was the person that thought I was going to ruin her wedding because I was obsessed with her. Yeah the transcripts showed the opposite. Okay, I admit, when her two adopted children (probably 53 year old men who live in their mother's basement) left, I threatened to call Child Protective Services. Do I deserve a lump of coal in my stocking for these actions? I don't think so. Anyway Santa, all I want for Christmas is Grid Peace and No Drama for all. Please deliver promptly on December 25. Mik out.


Mikalis Karas

03 December, 2009

Elmo is Not Your Bitch

Elmo does not belong to you.
(Picture - ©2009 Sesame Workshop)

Is that skin that you're wearing "ripped?" Was that clothing "CopyBotted" and reproduced? There are those unscrupulous folks (unlike this person) in Second Life® who employ different devices to steal the creations of others and pass them off on others as their own. Who are the people who are most concerned with content theft? They are the creators in SL™. They make the clothes we wear, the homes we live in and the toys we play with in our second lives. They are a talented bunch who sometimes can be persnickety but I cannot blame a one for complaining about when their hard work is stolen.

What one however can take issue with is those who on the one hand complain about "content theft" while they themselves steal. Does that DJ who you listened to at the club you frequent or at that awareness event that you attended use licensed music. Was that issue poster that you passed over to me or the ones that you use for your shop created on an officially licensed and properly purchased copy of graphic design software (such as Adobe Photoshop) or are you using a "cracked" copy of a popular program? Do you own the intellectual property related to the content you are creating or are you stealing from other sources with neither permission nor with payment of a licensing fee? The World Intellectual Property Organization defines intellectual property as
"creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce. Intellectual property is divided into two categories: Industrial property, which includes inventions (patents), trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indications of source; and Copyright, which includes literary and artistic works such as novels, poems and plays, films, musical works, artistic works such as drawings, paintings, photographs and sculptures, and architectural designs. Rights related to copyright include those of performing artists in their performances, producers of phonograms in their recordings, and those of broadcasters in their radio and television programs. "
Did you somehow think the boys from Twilight or Elmo were public domain and you were free to profit off of these or other intellectual properties that didn't belong to you? If you did you were sorely mistaken. These pieces of intellectual property belong to their holders and not to you and your store. This may include the style and look of something you lifted from an offworld magazine and adapted for yourself in your Second Life business. Software and content piracy contribute to billions of dollars and countless job losses each year. When you are stealing, you are helping to take somebody's job away so you can shop for your next pair of Moody's. Recently a creator, how has been vocal about stolen content, showed me their Second Life® store complete with wonderful creations, nothing seemingly stolen from offworld or inworld. When asked what they like to do when not creating I was told "Oh I like to watch movies in SL™." "Oh really, is that some sort of officially licensed rebroadcast or replay of motion pictures? If not you do realize that you are stealing content, right." It seems I may have stunned the creator with this revelation as I got a stammered response followed by "Shush, I like my movie nights." So content theft is only applicable when the content is your creation? Some that offer movies online point to the fair use doctrine as their justification for selling movies inworld. This is a quite liberal interpretation of that doctrine. In the face of other theft, the hue and cry continues over Linden Lab's supposed failure to address the problem of content theft. Perhaps they don't have enough of an incentive to do so, even with some of their users suing them. Interestingly Linden Labs has raised "unclean hands" affirmative defense in a case brought by two content creators. Could it be possible that these creators "borrowed" from real world intellectual property? Nobody seems to know what it would take to properly combat content theft. Perhaps a big enough stick isn't being wielded just yet.

The best thing to combat "content theft" (that which is of actually original content and not stolen itself from the intellectual property of others) might be a lawsuit from intellectual property holders, the MPAA and/or the RIAA. Only when faced with such an action, might Linden Labs institute a licensing regime whereby intellectual property holders could offer their properties for sale inworld or license them out to creators. This would cause a considerable shakeup for current content thieves who are profiting off the hard work of others while still complaining about theft. Somehow they feel that stealing from a large concern is justified. Such a shakeup would leave legitimate designers, builders, owners and DJ's who have been respectful of intellectual property holders and have not themselves engaged in piracy poised to continue doing business. Only then can and should action be properly taken against others who steal content.

Are you a designer, builder, owner or DJ who respects intellectual property and what do you think about those who don't respect the intellectual property rights of others?

08 November, 2009

The Cacophonous Cries of the Morons

mental hootardation
noun |men-təl hü-tär-dā-shən|

1. the act of using a loud gesture, usually mimicking the natural sound of an owl or a horn in open chat, usually performed by a gesturebator (also known in this instance as a hootard). The mental hootardation filled the venue.

2. a condition characterized by the intellectual inability to say anything intelligent and instead gesture as above. Poor thing, she suffers from mental hootardation.

3. the irresistible urge by some to utter sounds thus preventing others from hearing other sounds or live music.

hootardation |hü tärˈdā shən| noun
hootarder |hü tɑr dər| noun
hootard |hü tɑrd| noun

You've been there, in a club, with all the (sometimes other) spamtards and boxtards, when some of the brain addled let loose a barrage of "hoos" and "woots" ("hoos and woots"). In some environments this is to be expected but that still makes it mental hootardation.

Sure one expects mental hootardation in a club where the host can do nothing more than send out "This DJ Rawks!" or "This Club Rawks" page filling gestures. One does not expect this however in a venue where one sees and hears what is the most egregious instance of mental hootardation: during a live show, while the singer is singing. In this instance, hootards because of their irresistible urge to fill a chat box and emit sounds could randomly, at any time, start spewing forth a barrage of hoos and woot. One of the best ways to deal with these silly fools is to use the mute function.

I may never be able to adequately express the the joy I feel when I teleport into a live venue and find that half of the avatars therein are in the shape of withered gray husks. When one encounters a case of mental hootardation it is best to immediately employ the mute function. It may be wise to also mute the person with which the hootard is dancing and all their comrades in mental hootardation. I will do this and mark the local chat by simply typing "mental hootardation." When told about my propensity to mute, I was asked "You must be bitter and never enjoy SL." Let me dispel you, like I did the questioner, and tell you that actually I do enjoy my time in world. I enjoy it even more since I can easily quiet the cacophonous cries of the morons that are mental hootardation.

20 October, 2009

Collard Greens and Judging Profiles

Thanks for the positive response received regarding my piece on Second Life profiles. Sadly some folks are not clear on the underlying message of a the piece or the concept of a blog itself. I recently had the following conversation with an avatar who looked at my profile in world.
Person: wow, straight forward man u are
Mikalis Karas: thank you
Person: welcome...
Mikalis Karas: that is the only way to be
Mikalis Karas: but if you read it you know I'm not into textese
Mikalis Karas laughs
Person: well, when i 1st read it i thought man what a asshole
Person: but then i am kinda the same way i guess
Person: i dont like the bullshit and drama and i speak what i think
Having been told that this person had an appreciation for my straightforwardness, I thought I'd point her to my blog and perhaps gain a reader and thus offered up my blog for her perusal.
Mikalis Karas: you read the blog?
Mikalis Karas: or just the profile?
Person: just the profile
Mikalis Karas: ahh k
Mikalis Karas: my web tab has the blog
Mikalis Karas: I suggest opening it in a browser
Person: of course
Given the response to my profile, I expected a similar positive response to my blog. What I got however was something markedly different.
Person: why would you even post that
Mikalis Karas: Am I missing something?
Person: dont think so are you?
Mikalis Karas: you think looking at a profile is insulting?
Person: didnt say that now did i?
Mikalis Karas: you seem offended somehow
Person: no was just asking a question
Mikalis Karas: why would I?
Mikalis Karas: because it's observation on how people have threats in their profiles
At this point I'm confused as to what the quarrel is or why this person found the blog unreadable. What followed was even more puzzling.
Person: but what right does someone have to judge someone elses profile
Mikalis Karas: I have a voice, I can speak. Threats in a profile are just stupid.
Person: but that is your opinion
Mikalis Karas: that's right my blog is my opinion
Amazing! My blog is my opinion! Here I thought it was the gospel truth up until Ms. Person disuaded me of that notion! Seems that Ms. Person is unfamiliar with the concept of a blog as opinion. It was a great revelation indeed to learn that this was my opinion. Then she tried to make me look into myself.
Person: maybe what one sees in your profile is stupid
Mikalis Karas: maybe they do, they are free to write about it
Person: ok hun
She drops the "hun" card, perhaps attempting to appeal to my softer side because I am a mean and judgmental person for expressing an opinion on profiles. Foolishly I try to try to explain the premise of the piece once again, totally not adhering to the adage to not go into intellectual combat with the unarmed.
Mikalis Karas: it's a colorful opinion piece and not based on anyone's profile it's a mix of many profiles. I've been here a while and have seen that.
Person: ok hun, we all have our opinions
Mikalis Karas: threats in sl are hollow
In the end like the Tai people of Myanmar, who share her first name (you do the research), gave up their insurrection against that government, she too gave up her fight seeming almost to agree with me.
Person: but it is only sl. a chat program
Person: nothing more
Mikalis Karas: that's right
Person: Enjoy the rest of your evening hun
Mikalis Karas: thanks
I too gave up and moved on. I would however continue to sniff profiles and express my opinion as I did with a person who had "Collard" several slaves.
Mikalis Karas: Collared has an "e" in it
Mikalis Karas: the way you are spelling it is a green leafy vegetable found in dishes in the Southern United States.
My attempt to aid this person was met with a pretty funny response and sad excuse which was met with a deserving reply and follow up.
Mistress: xD all I did was copy and paste!
Mikalis Karas: well that person can't spell either. :)
Mistress: xD
Mistress: Gee thanks :P
Well at least she thanked me! She however continues to have the "Collard" slaves in her profile, perhaps I should next offer this recipe. The quest for profile perfection would be as successful as OJ Simpson's attempt to find the real killer but as long as they exist, they will be sniffed despite the earlier protestation.